Day three, and I’m starting to get a bit conferenced out already. It’s early days, my bus leaves at 7.30 and I’m not back until after 8 pm. Might have mentioned it yesterday, but Jono would have been horrified if he was here – pizza first night and last night we went across the road to another western type place!!! That wasn’t entirely my fault though. David wanted to try some restaurant downstairs, an Asian place, and I thought he meant the place across the road. We went and had a look and David got to choose. I’ve already done Singapore and I’m to tired to be bothered (I would have even gone to the hotel restaurant again), so he decided to stay there. But they had both western food and asian food on the menu, so while David and Charlie had fish and chip, I had stingray and rice! And it was yummy!

David and Charlie had been to Sentosa Island yesterday where they went to the butterfly park, and also swom more in the hotel pool of course. I think they might head back to Sentosa today to go to universal studios, Charlie would enjoy that I think. I won’t meet up with them for dinner tonight as I’m attending the conference ocktail reception.

Tomorrow is last conference day, and then I’ll try to get some shopping or something in on Friday before the flights are bound for Dublin in the evening. Where, by the way, it is only 16 degrees. That is colder than the Sydney winter….I didn’t pack for that, so it better change

Charlie in her new Singaporean dress:



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  1. syster

    ja vädret lär nog inte bli så bra i dublin 😦 jag längtar tills vi ses :)) kram

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