I posted this yesterday…but on the wrong blog….social media overload? =)


Change of language now when we’re travelling and Jono might want to keep up with our happenings.

Brain is fried. It’s day two of the conference and I’m taking a break, hoping that jono will be around on Skype soon. I’ve had my presentation so that’s done and now it’s just hang about and listen to others. It all went well. There wasn’t many people at my presentation, but I guess community language schooling is a bit of a niche. Nevertheless, I lost track of what I was talking about a few times and rambled off a few times, but all in all it went good.

Left Sydney on Sunday morning on a short flight to Brisbane, where we had three hours to wait for our connecting flight to Singapore. That wen’t alright and the flight to Singapore was a breeze. Flew Ethiad, and I was more than pleasantly surprised! The food was awesom, seats comfortable, great movies, great kids food, great kids tv and movies and great kids activity pack. As I had been up since 3.45 in the morning and Charlie since 4.20 we both had a short nap on the flight. Arrived at Singapore, took a taxi to the hotel. There’s a food court under the hotel (which jono would have loved, me so so) so we went down for some food before bedtime.

My bus to the university left already 7.15 the next morning and while I was running around talking to people and listening to presentations, charlie and david  had swom in the hotel pool and been to the zoo. When I arrived back at the hotel at 7 pm they just came back from dinner, and Charlie was happy and seemed to have a great time. The three of us headed down to the hotel restaurant (which was about as far as I could be bothered), had a pizza and a singapore sling before crashing at the hotel room. Woke up for some weird reason at 4 am, bus left at 7.30, my presentation was at 11 and now I’m dead tired…

But the conference is good. Won’t bother you with details, and the food is awesome.

Ok, time to head in to the next presentation….


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