We fight to stay awake

Arrived in Dublin at 7.30 local time this morning. The flight went well, but counting by local time, we’ve been up since about 2.30 am and it is now 5 pm, but body says it’s just past midnight…

Took a taxi from the airport (worth about 25 euro – note to sister) and then left the bags at the hotel. We couldn’t check in until 2pm so we had quite a few hours to spend in Dublin before we could shower. And it was COLD! Bloody freezing!!!!! So we had to try to spend a lot of the time indoors until around midday when it got a bit warmer. We went to some malls, but I reckon we looked like bums. Charlie got a new hair band in Singapore with plastic flowers on it and it got stuck all over her hair so she looked like a mess, walking around in her tracksuit pants and sandals. I had jeans but red eyes, filthy hair and far underdressed in my cardigan. Found our way to the National Irish Library, which we thought would be full of books we could read, but we were wrong. It was like ancient historic books, at least where we were, so we bailed quite quickly. Had a coffee and then found a park and a playground where Charlie played for quite some time. She was jetlagged though and couldn’t quite keep her balance so she fell over =)

Went back to hotel about 1 and our room was ready. Settled in and spoke to jono on skype. I really miss him, we both do, but exhaustion came over us as we were talking to him and I’m not sure we made much sense. After hanging up charlie had a long bath in the bathtube and then I had a shower. Oh, forgot to mention that there is a supermarket just outside the hotel were we went in and bought some fruit. Two punnets of strawberries, mandarins and bananas as well as some bread and marmite in case she would be starving at 3 am (in the middle of the night). Anyways, I know I’m not making much sense right now but I’m just typing to stay awake….after shower and bath I wanted to go down to the mall to buy charlie some new pants. I only packed two track suit pants and they’ve been worn on the planes. She’s got a lot of skirts and dresses but they are too cold for this Dublin weather. But we only made it two blocks until Charlie couldn’t walk anymore and I had to carry her back. Stop by the supermarket again to get a bottle of wine, which I am now enjoying out of cups, while Charlie finished all the yummy strawberries while watching Barbapappa. As those strawberries dissapeared quickly she sent me down to the supermarket for more, so I just had a break from my writing and ran downstairs while she stayed put in her chair…

It is 5.25. I’m not sure how much longer this is going to work. She’s just eaten another punnet but she starts to get cross eyes =) And so am I for that matter!!

Oh, and the hotel is quite nice I think! Here’s a table and two chairs where I’m imagining me and my sister enjoying a beer or a wine when Charlie has fallen asleep in the evenings. It was very important to Charlie by the way that she wanted her hair washed today so that it is pretty for when moster (aunty) sees her tomorrow. She is very excited and wanted her to come today.

Ok, I’m posting this now to see what else I can occupy my time with to stay awake. There is no point in leaving the room, charlie is too tired to walk but too heavy to be carried…

Can’t wait for midsummer and holidays…




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