6.15 and perky as a… a…. well, perky. Sister is snoring beside us, Charlie is watching youtube and I’m meant to do some work but keep getting stuck online.

Waiting for time to be 7 when breaky is on. It’s a good hotel breakfast with fruit, yoghurt, bread, cheeses, hams, bacon, egg (scrambled and fried), croissants , juices etc. My sister arrived yesterday so after breakfast we’re making our way to a factory. Yup, THE factory =)

Yesterday we hung out in the park for quite some while. Funny how you travel all around the world but still it is the ducks and the playground which are the most fun! There are a lot of chocolate cafes around called Butlers Chocolate, and it is yummy, so we went there for fika a few times yesterday!!! After Angelicas arrival we went for a stroll, for another park visit and then had some dinner at a pub drinking Guinness!

We’ve also seen some Irish dancing, both the traditional drunk dancing and the guy dancing on the street in full costume for money.

Alright, shower time…


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